Servicing, Maintenance, CVRT

How do I schedule servicing/maintenance for my vehicle?

For any issues please call our Business Support Team or your local branch. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you with your query.

Did you know it is a legal requirement for your vehicle to be CVRT compliant? All commercial vehicles must submit for a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test when they are one year old and annually after that. My vehicle requires a CVR Test (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test/CVRT). How do I arrange this?

Our team will call in advance with a time and location that will suit you for your CVRT appointment.

What is AdBlue? Who is responsible for topping up AdBlue on my rental vehicle?

AdBlue is used to decrease emissions and increase efficiency in certain diesel vehicles. Adblue itself is a harmless, colourless liquid made of water and 32.5% urea. AdBlue is considered a consumable similar to fuel. If your rental vehicle requires AdBlue, it is the driver's responsibility to keep this topped up. AdBlue can be purchased from the vast majority of fuel stations and from motor factors. How often your vehicle requires AdBlue is dependant on the type of vehicle you are driving, your driving style and loading conditions.