Getting Started

How do I hire a van with Northgate? 

Simply contact our Business Support Team or your local branch who will provide you with an Account Application Form. Once your account has been successfully opened, you can proceed to hire a van from us. Our team will assist in choosing the correct vehicle for your needs.

What type of vehicles can I hire from Northgate? 

Northgate is Ireland’s leading provider of light commercial vehicles. We have a fleet of approximately 4,500 vehicles. You can choose from a selection of small, medium, large and specialist vans. Please browse our Vehicle Range section to see the types of vehicles we have available. 

How long can I rent a van for? 

With Northgate’s business hire options you can rent a van for as little or as long as you like. Choose from short-term and long-term hire packages or a combination of both . Your dedicated Account Manager will be happy to talk you through the options to find the right solution for you.

Do I need to pay a deposit? 

Whether you need to pay a deposit depends upon the hire package you choose and your credit history. If you have a strong credit history no deposit is required.

What is included in my Northgate vehicle rental?

Included in your Northgate vehicle rental are: road tax, all servicing and non-fault maintenance events, Tyres (replacement from 3mm tread depth), filters, brakes, Cam belts, CVRT, replacement vehicles, breakdown cover and costs, parts failures, and depreciation.

What is not included in my Northgate vehicle rental? 

Not included in your Northgate vehicle rental are: Insurance and consumables like fuel and Adblue, and any damage or repairs that are not considered non-fault maintenance or fair wear and tear.

Can Northgate provide insurance on my rental vehicles? 

Northgate do not provide insurance, customers need to have their own insurance policy set up under the same name as their Northgate Account.

Can I change my Northgate rental vehicle, for example for a smaller or bigger van? 

If you are a 12Months+ customer you can change the vehicle once during your agreed term. If you are a Flexible customer you can change the vehicle by off hiring your current vehicle and starting a new hire. Please speak to your Account Manager who will be happy to help.

Is it possible to add signage to my vehicle? 

Yes, signage can be added to the vehicle. You have two options: you can use your own sign writer to sign the vehicle but signage must be removed before off hiring, or alternatively we can supply sign writing for you and include the cost in your rental.

Is it possible to add Semi-cap to my vehicle? 

Yes, Northgate can add any extra equipment you may require to your vehicle for an additional charge. Please speak to your Account Manager to learn more.

What happens if I go over the agreed mileage allowance? 

There is an excess mileage charge of 0.5c per kilometer for any additional kilometers used. You have the option to change your mileage band once during your term.