Costs and Charges

Does Northgate provide toll tags? Who is responsible for toll charges?

No, Northgate do not provide toll tags. Toll charges are the driver’s responsibility. Any unpaid M50 Video Toll journeys will be paid by Northgate and re-billed to the customer on a monthly basis. Please note use of the Dublin Tunnel HGV & Bus Lane is prohibited for vehicles under 3500 kilograms. Any penalties incurred due to use of this lane will be passed on to the customer along with an administration fee.

What do I do if I lose my tax disc?

To receive a replacement tax disc please contact your Account Manager or the Business Support Team or alternatively send an email to Please note replacement tax discs cost €6 plus administration fee.

Can I take my Northgate rental vehicle outside of the Republic of Ireland?

In the event you wish to take any Vehicle outside the Republic of Ireland, you must agree this with us in writing in advance and comply with certain additional insurance requirements as notified by us. If we consent, we will charge the Administration Fee for completing the additional paperwork required by us to permit you to take the Vehicle outside the Republic of Ireland.

I need to return/offhire my vehicle. How do I do this?

If you need to offhire your vehicle for any reason please contact your Account Manager or local branch who will be happy to assist. Please note: when you onhire/receive your vehicle from Northgate it has a full tank of fuel. When you return your vehicle to Northgate the fuel tank must also be full. You will be required to pay the cost of replacement fuel where the vehicle is returned without a full tank at our prevailing rate. You will also return the vehicle in the same condition in which you received it (fair wear and tear excepted). Northgate reserves the right to charge for any unreasonable damage and excessive dirtiness. See Northgate's full terms and conditions for full details. 

What are Northgate’s Terms & Conditions?

You can view Northgate’s complete terms and conditions of hire on our website: