Our Range of Specialist Vans

They are designed with a specific job in mind. Usually, they will be chosen based on the kind of access you need to your load, the type of load you need to carry, and convenience.   


Luton (Box Van)

  • Long wheelbase vehicle with a spacious, independent and fully enclosed box-shaped load area
  • Load area not restricted by wheel arches or the height of the cab of the van
  • Ideal for storing large or bulky items
  • Access to the load area is usually through a rear roller door
  • Optional tail lift to make loading easier


  • Open load space
  • Unloading becomes quick and easy with the ability to mechanically raise and tip your load
  • Well suited for building material and garden waste (cement, gravel, sand, soil and stone)


  • Load is accessed from the side by lowering sideboards
  • No mechanical ability to tip or raise your load
  • Vehicle has a reduced weight allowing for a greater payload


For more information on specialist vans, visit or call your local branch to speak with one of our van experts.


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Choose the vehicle and term, with flexibility to suit. Whatever works for you – works for us.

12 Months Plus

Flexible Hire

Flexibility with no minimum term

  • Ultimate flexibility with no Minimum Term
  • You can change your vehicle whenever you need
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs are all included
12 Months Plus


For predictable business needs

  • Rental terms between 12 and 48 months
  • You specify extras that you need such as livery and racking
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs are all included


We Buy, You Rent

For replacing old vehicles with new

  • We inspect your vehicles and pay you an agreed, fair market valuation
  • You choose your replacement vehicle
  • Select your preferred hire option Flexible Hire or 12Months+ or a combination of both