Vehicle tracking and telematics

Northgate Vehicle Hire's vehicle tracking and telematics software provides powerful real-time information about your vehicles from a simple web based platform.

You can monitor the efficiency of your drivers in both their driving style and route planning. If you need to change your plans at short notice, our telematics software uses a gps tracker to pin point your vehicles at any time so you can redeploy them depending on business needs. Vehicle tracking will help you deliver the best service to your customers.

Key features of vehicle tracking:

  • Insight into vehicle journeys and driving times

  • Accurate and up-to-date information, including automatic updates about any problems on the road network

  • Proof of visit and time on site including arrival and departure times

  • Optimised routing to enable more jobs to be completed each week

  • Driver style and speed monitoring

  • Reporting tools and analysis, tailored to your business requirements

Key advantages of vehicle tracking from Northgate:

  • Greater visibility over fleet movements

  • Reduced and streamlined administration

  • Savings on fuel costs

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

  • Reduction in overtime claims

Putting you in the driving seat

Fit your fleet with a vehicle tracking device and you can measure the driving behaviours exhibited by individual drivers. For every vehicle fitted, vehicle monitoring allows you to measure:

  • Acceleration

  • Braking

  • Cornering

  • Speed

  • Idle time

  • Road type driven

  • Time spent driving

  • Distance driven

Using benchmark indicators, you can understand how your fleet is performing. Achieve a fair reflection of driver style across a wide variety of scenarios, from driving through an inner city to cruising on a clear motorway and then identify specific training and/or discipline requirements for drivers.


 Download our Northgate Telematics Brochure