Our customers

We know our customers' vehicles are mission critical. If they aren't on the road, they aren't earning money - they are costing money. So our focus is on getting vehicles to our customers quicker and keeping them on the road longer than any other vehicle supply company in the Ireland. By doing this we save our customers' time and money when compared to contract hire or van leasing companies.

When our customers used to purchase, contract hire or lease vans, they would be tied in to a financial commitment that, even when vehicles were sat idle in their yards, had to be honoured. Why pay for vehicles which aren't being used?

Read why our customers choose Northgate Vehicle Hire

Biomnis estimate annual savings of €15,000 by choosing flexible hire from Northgate

Business: Clinical Laboratories
Employees: 89
Fleet Size: 30

Redlough Landscapes
Saved €30,000 on SMR

Business: Landscaping
Employees: 78
Fleet Size: 30

High Access Maintenance
Cashflow increase of £75,000.

Business: Building maintenance
Employees: 25
Fleet Size: 16

Firemark Ltd
Capital expenditure saved on vehicle acquisition alone has mounted to £75,000.

Business: Fire safety
Employees: 40-50
Fleet Size: 26

Fujitsu Telecommunications
Identified potential savings of over £35,000 per month.

Business: Telecommunications technology services
Employees: 2000
Fleet Size: 987

A.L. King Roofing
60% reduction in vehicle downtime.

Business: Roofing
Employees: 20
Fleet Size: 6