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Supporting Public Sector Services on the Front Line

As part of the UK’s largest commercial vehicle hire company, Northgate Vehicle Hire, Northgate Public Sector stands out from the crowd in the provision of fleet services to public bodies in these challenging economic times.

Fleet services, which at one time may have been financially attractive, are proving to be expensive with balance sheets having to hold depreciating assets which are now not as productive or as efficient to run. This is especially true of vehicles at the front line of public service operations where community transport meets the needs of transport disadvantaged groups in the community. Northgate Public Sector can now offer Wheelchair Accessible Buses and work with public sector bodies to meet the needs of their communities as well as the economic challenges set by government.

Wheelchair Accessible Buses from Northgate Public Sector

In the current economic climate, Public Sector organisations are being scrutinised on their allocation of capital and expenditure and one large area of concern is future, cost effective provision of community transport. Most councils own their own wheelchair accessible bus fleet or have funding through banks and finance houses in the form of operating leases. As a direct result of the significant investment needed to procure these vehicles these arrangements often mean the lifetime of vehicles can be up to 12 years.

With a long life cycle, many councils face the problem of spiralling maintenance costs and increasing down-time which has a negative impact on front line services. In some of the worst cases, vehicles still tied to operating leases are being left idle because of these costs and the excessive termination penalties imposed by the finance providers.

Why choose Northgate?

In economically challenging time, you will have the peace of mind that you are working with a financially stable, national company which will help you in delivering the key frontline services upon which your local communities rely.

With Northgate you have total peace of mind:

  • Support from a financially stable, national company
  • Access to a national service network with 24/7, 365 support wherever your vehicles are based
  • Avoid significant asset purchase costs
  • The benefit of new, modern and reliable vehicles
  • Reduction of risk associated with costly maintenance charges and down-time
  • Ability to offer improved front line services

Benefits of the Northgate fleet:

  • A brand new, fit for purpose fleet
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Fuel efficient Euro 5 engines
  • Choice of 3.8 and 5 ton van conversions and 5 ton modular vehicles
  • Completely flexible seating layouts and wheelchair fixtures

The investment by Northgate means that you can significantly reduce your operating costs and transfer the risk of ownership, while at the same time maintaining and improving your service provision to the local community. Northgate Public Sector’s fleet of brand new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are built and equipped so that they will meet the challenging needs of transport disadvantaged groups in UK communities.

Download our 5-ton chassis cab spec sheet
Download our 513CDi high roof spec sheet