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London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics

The Olympics and Paralympics are fast approaching with the first Olympic event taking place on 26th July 2012 and the final event on 9th September 2012.

We anticipate that our service to you will be affected due to the limited road access in and around the Olympic Arenas before, during and after each event. Although we can't predict exactly what impact the events will have on our roads, it is anticipated that the UK will experience greater congestion during this time, in particular in the City of London and Greater London.

7 of our depots will be directly affected during this period as they are located within 10 miles of the Olympic Arenas. They are as follows:

Depot Olympic Arena Miles
Barking Olympic Park / The Royal Artillery Barracks 5
Waltham Cross Lee Valley White Water Centre / North Greenwich Arena 1-6
Croydon Wimbledon / Horse Guards Parade 6-10
Cardiff Millennium Stadium 4
Coventry City of Coventry Stadium 3
Glasgow Hampden Park 8
Wallsend St James' Park 6

Our location in Barking will be the most heavily affected due to its close proximity to the Olympic Village and we are working on contingency planning for this site.

To assist during this busy period, the Barking depot team will be offering after hours collection and delivery.

Obviously we want to limit the disruption to you as much as possible and will use a new dedicated page on our website to keep you up to date with information on the lead up to and during the 2012 Olympic Games. Currently we have available calendars of Olympic Events and the Northgate sites that we anticipate will experience disruption on the event days. We cannot fully anticipate the level of disruption, but you should expect an impact on a number of services - please see the FAQ section below.

For more information or any questions on how Northgate Vehicle Hire are dealing with the Olympics, please contact us via

Please visit these links for information on the Olympic Route Networks:
FMG Olympic Plan

Olympic Calendars for Depots:

Vehicle delivery/collection

During the Olympics and Paralympics we cannot guarantee vehicle deliveries or collections, especially in and around London. As we do not know the exact impact the games will have on our service we cannot uphold our usual service level. There may be an opportunity to deliver and collect vehicles out of hours for an additional charge. If this is of interest to you please let us know your requirements using the dedicated Olympics email address. If you intend to off hire any vehicles during this time please let us know in advance. We will endeavour to deliver the best service we can during these exceptional circumstances.

Maintenance bookings

The above mentioned depots may not be able to carry out maintenance bookings during the Olympics and in some cases a depot might close completely. If you know that your vehicles will require any maintenance events which will occur during this time, please let us know using the dedicated Olympics email address. This will allow us to move events forward to reduce disruption to you during this time.

If your vehicle is due a service or inspection during this period, please contact our Maintenance help line on 0843 208 7507 to discuss your requirements.

What is the plan for any locations that are based within the restricted access areas? Will they move to temporary sites? If so, what locations are these and what date parameters will this include?

The only site affected in the main will be our Barking location and we are currently planning to move our staff to nearest location along with spare vehicles for the entire period the restricted zone is in place.

Do you have adequate staffing / resource available throughout this time, to ensure that service is not disrupted?

Service will be disrupted, not as a result of staff shortages, but through physical congestion and restricted access.

Does Northgate expect to see an increase in absence and if so how do you plan to bridge this gap to ensure normal service is provided?

We anticipate no issues.

What measures are being put into place to ensure that any vehicles in and around the restricted areas will be delivered/collected on time?

We are considering night deliveries where required at an additional charge. It is unlikely we will be able to offer any guarantees in restricted areas on delivery and collection and we will endeavour to offer the best physical service as possible during these exceptional times.

Can you provide a statement from your organisation on how you believe the Olympics will or will not affect the service you deliver to customers and what this then means in terms of availability of vehicles and the overall customer experience?

In restricted areas and in particular London we are not in a position to confirm this as we believe this will have a significant impact on our service in these areas. Again we will endeavour to deliver the best service we can during these exceptional circumstances.

What are the operating times of the Olympic venues?

Olympics Venue Operation Times - London

Venue Start Date End Date Times of Venue Operation Venue Capacity
Olympic Park 27/07/2012 12/08/2012 7am to midnight 240,000
ExCel 28/07/2012 12/08/2012 7am to midnight 40,000
North Greenwich Arena 28/07/2012 12/08/2012 7am to midnight 20,000
Greenwich Park 28/07/2012 12/07/2012 8am to 8pm 23,000
The Royal Artillery Barracks 28/07/2012 05/08/2012 6am to 6pm 7,500
Earls Court 28/07/2012 12/08/2012 7.30am to midnight 15,000
Horse Guards Parade 28/07/2012 09/08/2012 7am to midnight 15,000
Hyde Park 04/08/2012 10/08/2012 7.30am to 8pm 3,000
Lord's Cricket Ground 27/07/2012 03/08/2012 7am to 8pm 5,000
Wembley Stadium 29/07/2012 11/08/2012 12.30pm to 11.30pm 90,000
Wembley Arena 28/07/2012 12/08/2012 6.30am to midnight 6,500
Wimbledon 27/08/2012 05/08/2012 9am to 10pm 30,000
Hampton Court Palace 01/08/2012 01/08/2012 7am to 7pm 4,000